Saturday, 31 October 2015

Spooktober Day 31: Happy Halloween!

Yippee, it's finally Halloween, and I can now show off my 2015 costume!

Say hello to 'Alexa', a female version of Alex from A Clockwork Orange: the 1971 film by Stanley Kubrick!

My costume was made up
1) White skinny jeans (I found mine in the post-summer sale in New Look)
2) Basic white slightly-baggy top (again, found mine in the sale, this time at Tesco)
3) Black bowler hat (mine's a cheap fancy dress version from Amazon)
4) Eye-lashes from my makeup stash
5) Black cane (again, I found mine over at Amazon)
6) White shirt suspenders (from Amazon)
7) Military-style black leather boots (already in my wardrobe!)

Have a fun and safe Halloween everyone, and don't forget to find me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube!


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