Saturday, 31 October 2015

Spooktober Day 30: Quick & Easy Makeup Looks for Halloween

Hello, and welcome back to the Jelly Rose blog!

We're all getting excited for Halloween tomorrow, and I thought today would be the perfect time to show you some very quick and easy (yes, really!) Halloween looks you can do with basic makeup and facepaints! Perfect for those individuals who enjoy Halloween at the last minute.

The Doll

1) I used a base of white face paint, followed by a dusting of white/translucent powder
2) Then, I found a pink blusher (eye-shadow would work too) and applied liberally over the cheeks, along with a few freckles with a brown eye-liner pencil
3) I did a neutral look on the eyes using cream-coloured eye-shadow on the lid, followed by light grey eye-shadow blended into the crease to add depth
4) I lined the top of my eyes with a black liquid liner followed by a a couple of coats of mascara
5) For my lower lash line, I used white face paint underneath to give the impression of larger eyes, which I lined with the liquid liner then drew on lower lashes
6) I used red face paint, but of course you can use a bright red lipstick, on my lips and applied it in a heart shape exaggerating my cupid's bow.

Team the look with a piggy tail hairstyle and a cute girly dress!

The Broken Doll

1) Start with the basic Doll makeup look above
2) You can use either a black eye liner or black face paint for the next few steps, and I recommend Googling 'Broken Porcelain Doll' to mimic the breaks in porcelain
3) I also drew in lines from either side of my lips, plus a few "stitches"

Gothic Inspired 

1) I started with a near-white foundation, which I then set with a white powder
2) I did a gentle contour using a light grey eye-shadow
3) Using a black kohl eye liner, I filled in my eyebrows
4) I used a dark grey eye-shadow on my eye lids, followed by a matte black on my crease, then blended well using a fluffy brush
5) I lined my eyes and added a wing, using a black liquid liner
6) I also tightlined my eyes with black waterproof eye liner, followed by a few lashings of mascara
7) The final touch is black lip gloss!

Wear an all black outfit with this look, and find a feature hair accessory to pull it all together!

Kitty Cat 

1) I started with my usual day-to-day base of foundation with a gentle contour and highlight
2) On the eyes, I laid a base of light grey eye-shadow, then lined them with a liquid liner, making sure to draw in a wing. Don't forget a few coats of mascara!
3) Using black face paint, I drew in cat's nose, lips, whiskers, and not forgetting the dots on the cheek, and the line between and nose and top lip

Grab a pair of kitty ears, and you're done!

Have a fun and safe Halloween everyone!


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