Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Two Years Today Tristan Started School!

Happy Wednesday friends!

Well, it was two years ago today that Tristan started school, yet I can still recall my eyes prickling with tears as I watched him stroll into the classroom after hanging up his coat on the peg labelled with his name, then trying to disguise my proud tears from the other mums!

Check out Tristan's transformation from reception year back in 2013 to now! He looks so young on his first day of school, but look how wonderfully he's matured!

And now, applications have opened for Scarlett to start school for September 2016! And again, my "allergies" are playing up whilst I fill in the online application form. I'm just such a proud mum watching my two babas grow up, and I love witnessing these childhood milestones.

It's crazy how life changed so much after getting married in July 2007! Lee was offered a three-year secondment based in Germany first thing in 2008, we flew over there four-weeks later. We had Tristan in the summer of 2009, returned to the UK in 2011 where we made plans to sell our house to get on the next rung of the property ladder. I was 7-months pregnant with Scarlett when we moved into our family home in February 2012, and now I have two beautiful children: one who just started year 2 at school and loves his swimming lessons, and the other who is enjoying her pre-school ballet and baking classes!

Tristan & Scarlett: Stop growing up so fast! I can't keep up!


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