Friday, 11 September 2015

Life Milestones

Hello everyone!

A few weeks back, I visited a wonderful day spa with a fabulous friend. While we were chilling in the relaxation room after our treatments, I was flicking through the random girlie magazines and spotted an article all about Life Milestone. It was a list of what the average age is for various significant life milestones and I was quite surprised how my life didn't really conform to the average!

Check it out...

First Kiss at 15 years old
Now, this one is about right for me! After being quite an awkward & shy child, I blossomed as I approached Year 10 at school, and started to notice boys, and wear makeup

First Full Time Job at 19 years old
Nope! I did one year of sixth form, then headed into the big wide world to be.....a civil servant!

Pass Driving Test at 20 years old
I started learning to drive a little after my 17th birthday, and passed my test (third time lucky!) about 14-months later

First Holiday with Friends at 21 years old
Wrong! At the end of the first year of sixth form, a bunch of us headed to Newquay on a coach for a week's fun in a caravan!

Buy First Car at 22 years old
With the help of my family, I bought my first car (a little Matiz) while I was learning to drive, so was about 17/18. Aw, I miss my little orange car...I called her Mitzy!

Move Out at 22 years old
At 22, I was already (spoiler alert!) married and living with Lee in our first home!

First Holiday with a Partner at 23 years old
Lee and I enjoyed our first holiday when I was about 18. It was still early on in our relationship, but there was a great deal on a package trip to Zante in the local travel agent and we took the plunge....and it cemented our relationship.

Be a Bridesmaid at 23 years old
On the other end of the spectrum to what I've been saying above, I was actually 28 when I was first bridesmaid (well, Maid of Honour!) to my BFF

Get Engaged at 25 years old
Lee popped the question when I was 20! Well, he asked me casually...he never got done on one knee (he wasn't brave enough for that, heehee)

Rent with a Partner at 25 years old
We rented our apartment when we lived in Munich for three years (although we still had our house back in the UK waiting for our return), so I would have been 22 years old at the start of the contract.

Get Married at 27 years old
I was a 21 year old blushing bride!

Buy First Flat at 27 years old
I've never bought a flat...we went straight to purchasing a house when I was almost 20.

Have First Child at 28 years old
Tristan was born a month before I turned 24 years old

Buy First House at 29 years old
Nope....I was 19 (see above!)

Have a Second Child at 31 years old
Scarlett made her way into the world when I was 26 years old

Buy a Brand New Car at 32 years old
Ooo, this is something I'm looking forward too, so fingers crossed this happens in the next two years!

Move to Second House at 36 years old
Wrong (again!). Lee and I bought our second home when I was heavily pregnant with Scarlett at the age of 26

So...I feel far from average evaluating my life to this but it has also reminded me how lucky I am: a loving husband, a family home to call our own, with two beautiful children! So, does it really matter how old you are for all these milestones? Of course isn't a race! Enjoy the journey, and do what makes YOU happy.

I'd love to see this Life Milestones evaluation done by my fabulous fellow bloggers Sarah, Chrissie and Leona: you're all tagged ladies!


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