Friday, 31 July 2015

Our Summer Holiday & Our Tips For A Great Family Holiday!

Happy Friday friends!

I do apologies for being a tad quiet, we've been enjoying our summer holiday! We visited the Haven holiday park in Burnham-on-Sea for a week, and had such a blast.

Those of you who follow us on Instagram will have spotted a few holiday photos posted, and for those who subscribe to our YouTube channel will have also watched the holiday vlogs too! But, here are a few blog-exclusive photos I wanted to share with you all!

Our tips for a stress-free UK holiday!

1) During the weeks before the holiday, discreetly purchase little toys, pencils, colouring books, reading books and more from the pound shops etc. Then, during the holiday, especially those rainy days, slowly present these new toys to the kiddiwinks!

2) If heading to the seaside during your holiday, make sure to bring your own beach toys (bucket, spade, blanket, wind breaker, kite etc) rather than paying tourist prices on the day.

3) Did you know that baby powder/talc is a great way of  removing wet sand from feet and hands! Just simply sprinkle it on when you are all about to head home, and the talc seems to absorb all the moisture from the sand, leaving you to just brush it all off. #LifeHack

4) To make Tristan and Scarlett's holiday bedroom more cosy, we bring a fleece blanket and soft toy for each of them from home. Tristan loves his Spiderman blanket, and Scarlett adores snuggling in her Hello Kitty with her Ana doll.

5) Bring some medicines, especially for the children. I bring ibuprofen for the adults, then Calpol and plasters for the children. And always think about sun safety: SPF 50 sun cream, aloe vera gel, sunglasses and hats for all. As we stayed so close to the town of Burnham-on-Sea, I knew that if we needed anything else, there were several pharmacies in the high street

6) Have fun & relax! It can be stressful being a mum (or dad!) on holiday, but try to relax....relax the rules, relax the schedule, and relax yourself!

What are your tips for a great family holiday?


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