Friday, 24 July 2015

My 7th Heaven Pineapple Peel Off Face Mask REVIEW

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For the past few weeks, I've been trying out the new My 7th Heaven (formally Montagne Jeunesse) Pineapple Peel Off Face Mask ready for the summer holidays which started this week! 

I normally purchase clay-based face masks as I have oily skin, but this face mask is designed for all skin types, with fruit enzymes to peel away dead skin cells, so I was curious to see how a peel-off face mask would work on my skin type. 

"We've pulped tropical pineapple and papaya to harness their natural juicy powers. 
Fruit enzymes in our face mask peel away dead cells for a smooth, glowing complexion" 

The sachet was easy to open, and the yellow gel of the mask was easy to apply to my skin, as it wasn't too sticky or runny. As it was a clear yellow colour, you did have to double check you applied it evenly on your face. It was then time to chill out for 20-25 minutes trying to distract yourself from wanting to peel it too early! 

Check me out! Here I am waiting for the 7th Heaven to set before peeling away!

One thing I remember from sleepovers in my teen years (many moons ago!), is that peel off face masks were a pain to remove as they rarely came off in one go and can be a little painful. But removing the 7th Heaven mask was simple and pain-free! And, it came off in one giant piece: perfect. Immediately, my skin felt so smooth, and upon looking in a mirror, my skin was glowing and looked refined. 

I used the 7th Heaven Pineapple Peel Off Face Mask weekly and nourished my skin with my usual serum and moisturiser after each the treatment. After three treatments, my skin was definitely smoother as my foundation & makeup would apply more evenly, and even my pores were less obvious. 

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