Thursday, 23 July 2015

Happy 6th Birthday to Tristan!

Hello everyone!

Last Tuesday, we celebrated our Tristan turning a whopping 6 years old! That means that 6 years ago today, Lee and I were living in Munich, Germany, with a newborn Tristan, enjoying the blazing hot 2009 summer. My parents were our first visitors who flew over the day we were released from hospital, and I still remember looking at Lee thinking "we've got a new born baby to look after, eek!".


And now we are six years on....Tristan has just finished Year One of school, he's been enjoying swimming lessons for almost two years, and his biggest achievement? Being an amazing big brother to Scarlett! 

Happy 6th Birthday, Tristan! 
Love Mummy, Daddy & Scarlett 

And of course, Tristan wouldn't be far from his BFF, James! 
Check them both out just before his birthday party began

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