Monday, 8 June 2015

Ozeri Frying Pan REVIEW

Happy Monday friends!

It might have been hot and sunny over the weekend, but we were cooking up a storm in the kitchen trying out this Green Earth Pan by Ozeri!

The feature for this Ozeri pan is that it has a non-stick ceramic coating that is ultra-safe, that is also 100% PTFE and PFOA free! This pan's diameter is 8" (or 20cm), but is also available in 10" and 12", and pan features a vibrant green body to stand out in the kitchen.

Here is a close-up of the textured base of the frying pan: it's like honeycomb!

Now, onto the 'How well does it cook a fried egg?' test!

After a quick wash with warm water as it's fresh out the packaging, I simply "seasoned" the pan with a tiny smudge of vegetable oil, and used a folded piece of kitchen roll to ensure every inch of the pan was oiled.

It did feel odd to not add a proper drizzle of oil in the pan to shallow fry, especially with a fried egg, but my fried egg cooked beautifully!

The egg was flippable once the egg-white was fully cooked at the bottom, and the pan only needed a gentle wriggle to release the egg so it was ready to be flipped (we like our eggs over-medium so the white is fully cooked, with the yolk a little cooked but the centre still gooey).

Voila, our egg was done and we sandwiched it between two slices of buttered white bread. Hubby and I both said that it's really nice to be able to taste the egg and not the excess cooking oil. There was no crispy over-baked edges, just soft delicious egg.

It left the pan mostly clean, and the very few crumbs of egg that were left were simply wiped away with a damp sponge.

The Ozeri pan dishwashed very well, and it's the frying pan we immediately seek out when cooking eggs and anything where you need that extra non-stick factor.

How do you have your eggs? I'm a big fan of scrambled!


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