Monday, 1 June 2015

Countdown to 30

Happy Monday friends,

Well, I have quite a personal post for you all today. In August, I will turn 30. That is only 75 sleeps away. To be honest, I'm not sure how I feel about this life milestone: I think I'm more nervous at the thought of saying "I'm 30", instead of "twenty-one, and a bit"!

To prepare myself, but also take advantage of the last few months of being in my twenties, I've decided to challenge myself to do things I've always wanted to do...wish me luck!

1) Do what I've wanted to do for years. Dye my hair fully pink
I have the, to breathe and go do it!

2) Grab a tattoo (or more)
I have a grand total of zero tattoos. Not because I don't like or want one, but because I couldn't commit to a design or location...until now! I'm envisaging two ribbon bows on the back of my knees, and a large red rose design on my thigh.

3) Go on a proper girly p*ss-up!
Since having Tristan and Scarlett, my tolerance for alcohol is painfully minimal! Even a sip of white white will make my face flush and my words stuttering! But, I'm gonna go for a proper night out with the ladies, the last one to enjoy while I'm in my twenties.

4) Get even more into cosplay!
I've been loving dabbling with dressing up, playing with makeup, and transforming into inspiring characters from books, films and media! And I want to do so much more!

5) Learn to bake! I already started this one as Ive joined the Hobbs House Bakery bake club! Last month, I learnt how to make scones with TV's Tom Herbert, and this month, it's all about bagels.

And my reward? I've got myself tickets for Harry Potter Studios near London with two dear friends on my actual birthday. As many of you know, I am a huge Potterhead (#Slytherin Pride!) but haven't been able to visit the studios yet, and spending the day with one fellow Potterhead (and one wannabe Potterhead), exploring the magical world of Hogwarts, and muggles, and quidditch, and so much more will be fantastic. And of yes, I will be vlogging (and crying happy tears!).

Here's to being almost 30...the beginning of a happier, more confident and fabulous-er Viccy!

What is on your #ThingsToDoBeforeTurning30 list?


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