Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Wooden Princess Castle & Dolls House Accessories from George Home REVIEW

Happy Tuesday friends!

Today, Scarlett and Tristan are sharing their thoughts on the new wooden toy collection from ASDA George Home. We received the Wooden Princess Castle (£30) and Dolls House Accessories (£15) to review.

Both products arrived together safely and in a timely manner. The box containing the Princess Castle had all the pieces individually wrapped in either brown cardboard or plastic (or both) to keep all pieces secure and undamaged. The dolls house accessories box contained all the pieces in one moulded piece of cardboard to keep all the accessories snug and safe.

Daddy Howe was in charge of assembling the castle. Lee said although there were lots of steps, it was very easy to put the Princess Castle together and the instructions were simple to follow. It took Lee 45 minutes to build (although it would have taken less time if he didn't have two little "helpers" getting in the way, heehee!)

Both Tristan and Scarlett loved the Princess Castle as soon as it was built, and couldn't wait to play and explore. It was fantastic to see them both so enthusiastic over a traditional toy!

The wooden Princess Castle stands at an impressive 64cm high, has three floors/tiers, and includes a king and queen dolly.

I adore the detailing: the painted flowers and vines, the butterfly cut-out, the window trimmings. I would have preferred a unisex colour instead of the pink, but 5yo Tristan didn't seem to notice! The flag on top is a lovely touch too!

Here is the rear view of the Princess Castle. The back is open, so Tristan and Scarlett can play on all sides!

The dolls house accessories box comes with 20 pieces, including 4 dolls (mummy, daddy, little boy, and little girl). All the pieces are made of wood, and are nice and chunky. Some of the items, including the wardrobe and drawers, have moving pieces.

I'm really impressed by this wooden Princess Castle - it feels solid and sturdy. It's a great twist on the traditional dolls house (which is also available at George Home), and I love that it includes two dolls. It's decorated beautifully (using toy safe paint), and it's been a great tool to supplement Scarlett's role-play and imagination skills.

Other products in the George Home wooden toy range include a wooden kitchen, wooden play shop, wooden dolls pram, wooden pirate ship set, wooden farm set, and many more. With Christmas only 57 sleeps away, it's worth a look!

Now watch the fun Scarlett and Tristan had with our Princess Castle over on our YouTube channel.

You can find the range of George Home wooden toys over on the ASDA Direct website

* I was not paid for this article. I received the items free of charge. I was asked for my genuine personal opinion on their products to be published on my blog.*
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  1. Ahh this is cute. you can always count on ASDA for good deals!

  2. Love it!
    This is still a toy of my dreams as I never had a castle or even a doll house...
    Looks really amazing!