Thursday, 18 September 2014

Tutu Thursday

It's another episode of Tutu Thursday, starring my beautiful daughter, Scarlett!

Today, Scarlett is wearing the red tutu I handmade her for her 2nd birthday! Check out the blog post HERE. And I've paired it with a navy tee from Young Dimensions, basic white tights, and red shoes from Asda.

Now, what are Scarlett's BFFs Alisha and Evelyn wearing? Find out here and here!

Did you see Scarlett's Tutu Thursday last week? She went purple! Click here.


  1. Oh how cute, what a fabulous outfit x

  2. This is absolutely adorable and it's so cute, I love the colour of it and you could take her to a party wearing that because it's not too in your face tutu-ey (if that is even a thing haha) lovely! :) x