Friday, 19 September 2014

Butlins launch new Bear Care initiative

Butlins launch new "Bear Care" initiative

Have you heard that Butlins have very recently launched a pilot scheme called "Bear Care", a dedicated day care service for your children's toys. Your children can check-in their favourite teddy or toy between 8 and 10am, and the toys will be given free reign of Billy Bear's Bedroom to play all day long! If any toys are lost on-site, the friendly Butlins team will check them into the "Bear Care". All checked-in toys can enjoy a puppet show, play in a sandpit, and create art projects, whilst being photographed by the capable Butlins team to show the children how much fun their toys had that day.

The scheme will be trialed at the Shoreline Hotel in Bognor Regis during their "Just for Tots" breaks that Butlins offer. TheButlins "Just for Tots" breaks have been designed solely with younger children in mind: accommodation; food; entertainment and activities all have been adapted to suit tots!

Butlins MD Dermot King said "With the dedicated Just for Tots breaks we already aim to cater for the under-fives in every way possible, whilst ensuring parents can spend as much time with their tots without the added stresses of usual family breaks - so the Bear Care trial is set to be another Butlins innovation that adds another sparkle to families' holidays - both for children and parents".

To see behind the scenes at Bear Care, follow Butlins on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. Or follow the conversation with #BearCare or visit the Bear Care website.

The four night Monday to Friday "Just for Tots" breaks run on selected term-time dates throughout the year, with the four night "Just for Tots Christmas Fantasy" is available at Bognor Regis and Skegness resorts starting on the 15th December.

Innovations for the "Just for Tots" break include
* Bespoke meals by Annabel Karmel MBE
* "Pushchair porters"
* Photocall "firsts"
* Nap time buggy walks
* Flexible drop-in activity sessions
* "Second chance to see" repeated show-time schedule
* Early morning wake-up activities
* Tot-friendly, quiet and calming Splash Waterworld sessions
* No car-seat kafuffle - all within walking distance!

For more information on Just for Tots, check out their website.

(Images kindly provided by Butlins)

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