Saturday, 20 September 2014

EdPlace: Education Resources for Parents REVIEW

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Today, I'm reviewing EdPlace which I would describe as a medley of online interactive educational worksheets for children between 5 and 16 (key stages 1 to 4). We were kindly given a three-month subscription for Tristan to use over the summer holidays. All the worksheets on EdPlace have been written by qualified teachers, and are based on the National Curriculum.

EdPlace have nearly 3,000 worksheets available for students to use, which come under three topics: maths, science and English, which are then divided into the appropriate key stages.

It's very easy to navigate. You simply log-in to the parent account, then click "browse" to see all the worksheets in the table format. As Tristan is five years old and just started year one at school, I'm looking at the top three tabs. I then select which subject, for example "maths", to choose, then select the topic, for example "counting". I can then see there are 35 worksheets available, and I can simply assign them to Tristan by ticking the boxes then clicking the red "assign" button.

For Tristan to access the worksheets, he needs to log-in to the student area with his details. Then, by simply clicking "To Do" under the worksheets tab, he can see all the worksheets I have assigned him. He can then complete the worksheets one at a time, by clicking the worksheet title.

Tristan is still learning how to use a computer and how to read, so we worked together at answering the questions. After only a few worksheets, Tristan quickly recognised the purple & yellow 100% badge when he successfully completed a worksheet, which encouraged him to continue with the learning.

The worksheets are easy to use: the answers are mostly in multiple choice format, but some have typing elements, and some have audio clips in the questions.

Using EdPlace has been a fantastic way to supplement Tristan's education, it's great to see his progress, and see him apply what he's learning at school to the home environment. At home, Tristan can work at his own pace, with my support, and he's even learning how to operate a computer mouse and keyboard as he goes.

I'm very impressed with their website, and I believe that EdPlace is an economic alternative to private tuition. It's a great way to supplement at-school learning, especially as it's only £12 a month or £96 a year.  You can even try EdPlace for 14 days with unlimited access for only £1! (Prices as of 17th September 2014)

You can find EdPlace at their website, Facebook and Twitter.

* I was not paid for this article. I was asked for my genuine personal opinion on their service to be published on my blog, and we were given a three-month subscription to facilitate this review*
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