Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Baby Products I Loved and Hated

Hi everyone,

I've joined up with two fabulous bloggers Sarah and Jess to bring you a list of baby/infant/family items that we couldn't live without, and those that we wasted money on.

3 Baby Items I Loved

1. Muslin Cloths
So many uses, so cheap and you can never have enough! They are great for wiping up dribble & sick, a light blanket, a sun shade over a car seat, an emergency nappy, burp cloth, breastfeeding cover, face flannel, and so much more. Heck, I've even used them to create DIY Halloween ghost decorations!

2. Sling
Maybe not so much with Tristan, but one-month-premature Scarlett adored being all cosy with me in her fabric sling. She was quite a clingy newborn, and it was great that I could continue with housework etc while babywearing.

3. Room, ear and bath thermometer
Okay, technically that's three items, but it's truly reassuring to quickly and accurately see what the temperature is.
We use ear thermometers when the kiddiwinks are unwell as they are so quick and easy to use, and importantly, accurate. I'm an awful judge of water temperature so it's reassuring to use a floating bath thermometer. We use a colour-changing room thermometer to judge what jammies to put on the children (and it doubles as a night light too).

Baby Tristan
3 Baby Items I Hated

1. Baby shoes
They just never stayed on their feet, and we never saw the point when their feet never touch the floor! Much better was a nice pair of cosy socks (or cute tights for Scarlett), with a snuggly blanket draped on top.

2. Nappy disposal bin
I never actually bought one as I couldn't see the point but I know of many mummy-friends who felt they were conned into buying this "essential" piece of kit.
We just used cheap-as-chips nappy bags, and disposed the nappy straight into the outside bin.

3. Swaddle blanket
I had one of these given to me for Tristan but as an 8lbs 11oz lump, he hated the constriction. I then tried it with Scarlett who also hated it! They both simply wanted their arms free and be nosey to their surroundings.

Baby Scarlett

Bonus Round - what is the most bizarre baby item I've seen? 

As many of you will recall, Tristan was born in Germany, so we did some of our pre-birth shopping at various German department stores. One of the items that we saw often in these German stores are baby bath buckets. Yep, a clear bucket to dunk your newborn in! Oddly, I've never seen one here in the UK. Have you?

Tristan & Scarlett

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  1. Great post, They do have them here in the UK they are called tummy tubs :) xx

  2. Now I loved my nappy bin, but then I had twins so went through a lot of nappies! It was great having the bin right beside the nappy mat.