Monday, 1 September 2014

Bake-off fever comes to South Gloucestershire

I am so pleased to be able to share this with you all! The lovely Jackie from Meals for Squeals is running the new "Bake Off for Beginners" class running at both Yate International Academy and Winterbourne International Academy. 

Check out the Press Release below. 

Bake-off fever comes to South Gloucestershire

Kitchen clutzes can soon be whipping up show-stopping bakes to impress their friends thanks to new evening classes running in South Gloucestershire.

The surge in popularity of cooking and baking – thanks in part to programmes such as BBC 1’s The Great British Bake Off – has been the inspiration for the courses running this autumn.

Local secondary schools Winterbourne International Academy and Yate International Academy are both running the new Bake Off For Beginners course.

The six week course, which is part of the schools’ adult education Learn Today offering, will teach absolute beginners in the kitchen to create tricky bakes such as profiteroles, macaroons and swiss rolls.

Award-winning cookery teacher Jackie Novels, who is teaching the evening classes, said: “The course has been designed for those who’d love to be able to create some of the bakes they see on TV cookery shows, yet have no idea where to start.

“Bake Off For Beginners is aimed at people who might have never baked a cake before. Right from the first week they’ll be taking home goodies they’ve cooked that will wow their family and friends.

“I actually went to school at Winterbourne International Academy, or The Ridings as it was known back then, so it is lovely to come full circle and go back there to share my own knowledge with others.”

The six week course runs at Yate International Academy on Thursday evenings from 18 September and at Winterbourne International Academy on Monday evenings from 10 November.

To book one of the courses, or to find out more information, click HERE


Best of luck Jackie with these classes. 

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