Friday, 10 January 2014

Toucan Box REVIEW

Tristan was very pleased to have a Toucan Box delivered to review! Toucan Boxes are monthly subscription arts & craft boxes for children aged between 3 and 8 years old.

We received a make your own Dream Catcher project!

Everything was included in the box as well as easy to understand instructions with lots of colourful pictures to explain the method. Even Tristan could understand from looking at the pictures what he had to do at each step!

The only two things needed were scissors, and a bowl of water!

Step 1 - Painting!
The paints and the paintbrush were included in the Toucan Box so all I have to do was grab a little bowl of water, then Tristan was painting away making the template very colourful.

Step 2 - Threading!
Using the plastic needle (blunt so safe for children), Tristan carefully threaded the yellow yarn through the holes to create an almost spider-web effect.

Step 3 - Feathers!
The excess yarn was cut away, then cut into four pieces (3 for the feather decorations, 1 to allow the dream catcher to hang). This stage was a little difficult for Tristan as it involved knotting the feathers onto the end of the string so I helped. But Tristan loved choosing which coloured beads to use.

Step 4 - Almost Done!
The last piece of yarn was used to hang up Tristan's new Dream Catcher in his bedroom!

Done! Voila!

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Dream Catchers are a traditional craft of several Native American tribes in North Amercia
Legend says that the dream catcher web catches bad dreams and allows good dreams to slip through the holes down to the sleeper below

This was a lovely craft project for 4.5 year old Tristan, and is perfect for after-school or a rainy weekend. Our Dream Catcher project took about 90 minutes (including drying time for the paint). We also explained to Tristan what a Dream Catcher is for, and he liked the idea that all his bad dreams were captured, so he could only have nice dreams at nighttime.

Toucan Boxes are available from £9.95 a month. This includes two craft projects (with all the materials required included), a book, a parent card with more ideas and a collectable badge. There is even an option to add extra materials for siblings at £4.95. If you would like four craft projects a month, that is £16.95.

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