Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Hobbycraft: Bauble Felting Kit REVIEW

The kit contains: three polystyrene balls (2 large, 1 small), wool batting, pearl beads (small, medium and large), cotton thread, yarn, and two (very sharp!) felting needles 
And all this creates three felted baubles

I have never tried felting before, but I have seen various tutorials on YouTube and television, and with the help of the instructions on the back of the box, I started to create my very first felted bauble! How exciting! 

First, I gently wrapped a piece of the wool batting around the entire ball 

Then, very carefully, using one of the felting needles, I jabbed away, penetrating both the wool and the polystyrene ball hundreds of times! It's really quite relaxing and therapeutic! 

Slowly, the wool batting turned into felt attached on the surface of the ball! 

Using the cotton thread, I sewed the pearl beads onto the felt in a quarter segment pattern

I used a piece of the yarn to hang it up on our Christmas tree, and....


This was such a simple craft to learn & do, and I'm really impressed with my first attempt! Everything (apart from a sewing needle) is included in the kit which is fantastic. It took me (a total felting beginner) about 3 hours (over three sessions) to complete one bauble, but can potentially be done quicker with practice. The felting section of the craft is repetitive but oddly relaxing, and a great way to end the day once the children are tucked up in bed. 

You could even be more creative, and turn the three baubles into a snowman, using googly eyes and wool batting in black (for coal eyes, mouth and buttons) and orange (for the carrot nose) and coloured ribbon for the scarf. 

This bauble felting kit is available at Hobbycraft

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