Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Christmas Biscuits

Did you see my Top Ten Tips for Christmas Preparion 2013 blog post? 

Tip #4 was.....
Don't buy biscuits in the fancy Christmas-themed tins. I find them so expensive for such little quantity. Instead, either buy normal packets of biscuits or make some easy biscuits yourself. And store them simply in a tupperware box, or find last year's empty tin of biscuits to re-use.

Yesterday, I did a mini Christmas food shop at Lidl and set to work on tip #4. 

I purchased bourbon creams, custard creams, Viennese fingers and malted milk biscuits
Total: £1.90 for over 1kg of biscuits! 

Of course you could buy branded versions of these biscuits for a few quid more. And you can buy whatever biscuits you and your family love best, so no wastage! 

I found an old plastic tub from Christmas last year, gave it a quick clean & dry, then lined with a paper serviette I had leftover from a party earlier this year. 

I wrapped red and white extra wide ribbon on the sides, then covered the lid with a circular piece of red & white wrapping paper. The cherry on top is a simple silver sticky bow!

Total cost: less than £2! Bargain!

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