Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Claire's Accessories Haul!

I had to pop to the pharmacy to grab some medicine for my nasty sore throat (ouchy!) and popped into Claire's Accessories for a nosey. They had a fantastic promotion - 10 items for £10 on selected items! That's £1 an item! So, of course, I had to grab a few bits!

All this for £12.10! 

Long-line pearl necklace
Was £5.50

Long-line circle necklace 
Was £7

Two-piece hand necklaces
Was £5

Long-line cross necklace
Was £5

Nail polish in "School Day"
Was £3, down to £2.10 (not included in their 10 for £10 offer)

Grey nail polish
Was £2.25

Christmas head piece for Scarlett
Was £3.50

Clown head piece for Scarlett
Was £5

3-piece alice bands for Scarlett
Was £4.50

Two packs of plastic bead necklaces for Scarlett. 
Was £3.50 and £5.50 

So, this should have totalled £49.75, and I paid £12.10! That's a saving of £37.65! 


  1. I've never looked at Claire's nailpolish variety...I really like those colors!

    1. Have a nosey next time you visit. They tend to do more unusual colours which I love!