Saturday, 14 December 2013

Our Christmas Eve Tradition

One of the Christmas traditions we picked up while living in Germany was that Santa's Elves visit our home on Christmas Eve to deliver new pajamas for everyone.

Using my Christmas preparation tip #1, I removed 
the excess packaging before wrapping! 

 I tell Tristan and Scarlett that the elves only visit when they're in the bath getting squeaky clean ready for Christmas Day. And when they dry-off in their bedrooms, there's a present on their beds from the elves!

For Tristan's present, I recycled the packaging ribbon 
and added it as the final touch

We really enjoy this little tradition as it gets Tristan and Scarlett excited that Christmas Day is the following day, but also that both children will look fresh and clean on Christmas morning when I video them seeing the presents under the tree for the first time!

All wrapped and ready to be sent to Santa's Elves

Do you have any Christmas traditions? Please share below in the comments!


  1. i loved this idea so much i have decided to use it as a new tradition, only instead of wrapping i am putting all the kids pjs into a big gift box-with a family dvd to watch and a few munchies thank you for the great idea! :D

    1. A few friends on Facebook have started doing Xmas Eve Boxes for the family, which includes books, PJs, sweets/chocolate, craft set, DVD etc. Just a few bits'n'pieces to keep the family entertained!
      Lovely idea!