Monday, 1 July 2013

Tristan's Pirate Party Update

Only a few weeks to go until Tristan turns 4 (sob, where's my newborn baby gone, lol)! Which also means a few more weeks until his pirate party!
Lee has finally made a start on the cardboard treasure chest (our buffet table centre-piece) which will be filled with sweets, chocolate coins, candy necklaces etc.

And my pirate costume arrived! I love dressing up, so it'll be fun fun fun! And it'll be obvious to the parents of Tristan's nursery friends whom I don't know that I'm Tristan's mum. (I'm guessing 'Tristan's Mum' will be my new name when T starts school too, lol).

Still a few things on my to-buy list, including balloons, cake, and buffet food (I'm only doing platters of sausage rolls, cocktail sausages, cheesey pizza and crisps, as after hosting a few kids parties these are the most popular items and everything else is left-over & wasted) but I'm on the last stretch.

I made some handmade bunting made from black card and parcel string! Very rustic & piratey looking, heehee. And made with just a hole punch, card, scissors & string! Easy peasy.

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