Monday, 1 July 2013

School update

Well, my little baba boy is starting school in September! We attended a parent's briefing last week, and today Tristan met his teacher at his nursery for a quick chat too.

He'll be going to his new school later this week, and a session next week too, and his teacher will be doing a home visit in early September. Lots of inductions, so hopefully when Tristan starts school, he'll be reasonably familiar and content (fingers crossed).

I am a little concerned though as being a July baby, he'll be a year younger than some of his little friends, but we've done lots of 'homework' to ensure he's on track. He can dress and undress, put on his (velcro) shoes, use the toilet fully, count to 14, recognise most of the numbers, etc etc. We are working on writing his name, the alphabet and telling the time! He's very settled and happy at nursery, and hopefully going from 2-days a week away from home, to 5-days a week won't be too unsettling.

Over the weekend, we bought Tristan his first school coat! Our local
Mountain Warehouse had a sale on, so Tristan now has a 3-in-1 bright blue coat, which is fully waterproof with taped seams, and a removeable inner fleece (so he can wear just the waterproof jacket, just the fleece, or both together!). Perfect, warm and dry. Was £49.99, paid £29.99.

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