Sunday, 30 June 2013

Slimbridge WWT

Family Howe were very lucky to be invited to help Slimbridge WWT with their promotional work by being models for a few hours! As a thank you, we would be allowed to visit the centre afterwards for free and we'll receive a copy of our photos too.

And today was the day of our photo-shoot! Both Tristan & Scarlett were photographed doing arts'n'crafts, then Tristan handling a salamander, then a few photos in the education room & ball-pit.

Fingers crossed their photos are good enough quality to be used by Slimbridge WWT!

After we completed our photo-shoot, we explored the rest of the park - here's some of our photos!

There are various WWT centres across the country, and are family-friendly attractions where people of all ages can safely explore & learn about wetland wildlife. Find your nearest WWT centre here.

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