Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Superdrug Haul

Just needed to grab a few bits, including my all-time-favourite shampoo, Aussie Volume (2 for £10, 500ml bottles).

A pair of tweezers; as mine has gone walk-abouts since my hubby used them *tut tut* £1.79

Then my current eyeliner, Miss Sporty Mini-Me Eye Liner in 010 Black Raven. £2.59

Then I saw Banana Boat's aloe vera gel.....perfect as after-sun whilst on our hollibobs! £2.97

I also bought Carmax moisturing lip balm (£2.05) and Blistex Intensive Moisturiser (£2.59) bottom lip line has been sore & dry for months so decided to invest in a proper nourishing lip treatment (the Blistex) and using the Carmex as a moisturising balm. Fingers crossed it works. Oh, both have SPF protection too!

Ciao xxx

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