Thursday, 16 May 2013

Shopping haul for Holiday

Hi all,

Today we popped into town for a few holiday bits'n'pieces

We got cheap Crocs for Tristan (£4.99 from ShoeZone), two packs of 2 ankle socks for Tristan (99p store), and four beach towels (£3.95 each from Shaws). And a bouncy beach ball for £1 as I'm nit paying tourist prices down South!

I also grabbed some party stuff for Tristan from one of the pound shop: eye patches, pirate napkins, disposable plates and three buckets for the buffet table & games.

Also Smash from the pound shop as its a quick and easy lunch for me with grated cheese and caramelised dried onions, or mushy peas and gravy.

And a Greggs baguette and gingerbread man as a treat for braving shopping!

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