Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Scarlett's First Pair of Shoes

Today, Scarlett and I went to town to get her feet measured at Clarkes. Scarlett measured 2,5G so a little small & fat, but Clarkes still had a few in-store options available.

And we picked a raspberry pink pair with bows! They are called Ida Sparkle and were £24. Perfect and supportive for growing feet!

What was fantastic is that they took a polaroid photo of Scarlett in her new shoes - what a fantastic idea. It made it a wonderful experience for one of Scarlett's milestones! (Especially as this didn't happen with Tristan as we were living in Germany at the time).

So pleased, and cannot wait to show them off to Daddy Howe when he comes home from work.

Ciao xxx

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