Friday, 27 July 2012

Olympics and TGIF

Firstly....wowzers this weather is fabulous! Glorious sunshine! So please remember to use lots of suncreen on the kiddies, and make sure they wear sunhats! Keep them sun safe! And thank goodness it's Friday! For some reason, it's been a looooooong week.

Now, the Olympic opening ceremony will be starting in 3 hours 14 minutes (according to the official Olympics website!) but I'm still very uncertain how I feel about the Olympics. I dont think we (as a nation) really deserve to host the Olympics, and with all GB's problems (recession, lack of jobs, etc) I really feel this is a total lack of priorities! There are better ways to have spent this money, and that seems constantly in my mind whenever I see media coverage of the build-up.

But, it's fantastic to see all our young athletes all prepared and ready to go! Really looking forward to the swimming, running (100m especially) and the football!

Are you excited by the Olympics being held in our country this year? Are you attending any of the sporting events?

Ciao xx