Saturday, 30 June 2012


I, like thousands of other people, adore Facebook! It's such a unique tool to connecting with like minded people!, sharing photos, sounding out ideas, promoting businesses etc.

I now have my own Facebook Page:!/JellyRoseYate It's still very empty while I work everything out, but shortly it should be linked to this blog so please "like"

And I'm also the creator of a mini sort-of-franchise called "Parents in...."

The original one, which I co-created with my American friend Lil, is based in Munich, Germany.!/groups/15091837146/

The second one is based in South East Wales:!/groups/172285086149199/

And the third is based in North Bristol, England:!/groups/205921372764511/

I'm so proud of how these groups have connected people who otherwise have felt alone. Becoming a parent can be a daunting prospect, and the groups above have passed the hand of friendship (online, in real life, or a bit of both!) to those who merely ask! It's a great way to ask other local parents questions about raising children, chat to local mums, find out (or promote) local family-friendly events, and anything else family related!

Two of my Parents In... Facebook groups also have a selling sub-group where members can sell their surplus items, such as their preloved baby clothes, outgrown toys etc.

Facebook really has brought me closer to a lot of people, some of which I have still never met, but always chat via Facebook!

Thank you xxx