Thursday, 28 June 2012

Visit to Old Down Country Farm (North Bristol)

Well, that's a lovely change! After several weeks (in June!!!) of rain and grey skies, this afternoon the sky has blossomed with warm and humid sunshine! Lush!

Baby Scarlett had her four month jabs today - three little needles, poor little mite! Thankfully, was only bothered for about 30 seconds, then promptly fell asleep as soon as her head hit the pram. No more until sometime near her first birthday, phew! Can never watch nurses insert needles, and still havent really got used to it when I was used as a pin cushion during my pregnancy with Tristan! No phobia, just the thought of it makes me a little "eek".

But, had to let you know of our little visit to one of our local farms last week! Especially as it was BOGOF admission with my favourite smart phone app "VoucherCloud"!

As well as being a working farm, there is a massive play area for little onces, including this fantastic climbing tower with swings and slide.

 And a field with pedal-power cars, see-saws, trampelines, and a complimentary jump on the bouncy castle!
 At certain times throughout the day, they have a handling session! I'm an animal lover so this was my favourite part of the day! Here I am with a bunny! You could also hold guinea pigs and a sheep (well, a teenage lamb called Shaun).
And one fat big piggy that obviously loves this rain making glorious mud!!

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