Monday, 7 December 2015

Once Upon A Zombie Book REVIEW and Cinderella Makeup Look

Happy Monday friends! 

I hope you all had a lovely festive weekend: did you know there's only 18 sleeps til Christmas Day? 

Over the past week, I've been enjoying this book that immerses you into a mysterious but decaying fairytale world. This book is a tween-friendly horror story, that is fun and flawless. 

Meet Caitlin Fletcher, age fourteen. Caitlyn's life takes a sharp turn for the worse when she's tricked into climbing down a "rabbit hole", landing in a wondrous fairy tale universe - except it's crawling with savage, blood-eyed zombies.

As you all will probably know, I love my horror! Whether it's watching movies, reading books, watching horror Let's Plays or experimenting with SFX makeup, that numbing fear of not knowing what could be around the corner is addictive to me. As this book is aimed at children aged 8+, this is (obviously) a reasonably tame story, but for a horror-fiend like me, I still adored the twists and turns, and it was an easy read too (which being a busy working & blogging mum was a lovely change of pace). 

As well as the story, I absolutely love the book cover: it's a zombie-eqsue Cinderella! Inspired to do a quick makeup & hair look, I went ahead and transformed myself: what do you all think? 

I started with the vertical wounds found on Cinderella's cheek, and I used a nude lipliner to mark where I wanted the scars. Over the top of the lipliner, I applied 5 light coats of rigid collodion (allowing each layer to dry) which tightens the skin giving that taut scar appearance. Once fully dry, I used a very fine paintbrush (mine actually came from a nail art set!) and painted on fine black lines (black face paint) over the collodion but also short horizontal lines for the stitches. A teeny bit of red face face paint was added to add irritation.

The base of the entire face is a mix of light foundation, white face paint, and a smidge of blue face paint, all mixed together and blended into the skin. I used a kabuki brush with colbalt blue eyeshadow to contour, and dusted a light pale blue all over.

Next is the eyes! I used a hot pink all over the lid, followed by a pumpkin-orange on top, ensuring to blend it together to create this coral colour. The same cobalt blue eyeshadow is then used generously on the lower part of the eye.

I used a black liquid eyeliner to fully line my eyes, including the tear duct area, followed by a black kohl pencil to tight line. I kept my brows natural looking with just a gentle dusting of dark brown eyeshadow. I used a gentile red colour on my lips to exaggerate the animated look.

On to the hair! I don't have enough hair for the double bun, so instead put my hair half-up into a very high pony tail. Then using a blonde doughnut, bobby-pinned my hair up. The hair that was left (including my side fringe) was straightened, then backcombed to add drama and volume. The final element is the crown...or in my case, this stunning hair accessory that I pushed into the base of the bun.

This was such a fun and easy look to recreate! Will you give it a go? Who should I do next?


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