Sunday, 25 October 2015

Spooktober Day 25: I Caught the Plague! SFX Makeup for Halloween

Happy Sunday everyone, and welcome back to Spooktober here on the Jelly Rose blog!

If you read my last blog post, you will know I joined up with Super Sarah World for a girly weekend in London last weekend where we visited Madame Tussauds, Westminster, the Emirates cable car, Ripley's Believe It or Not! museum......and the London Dundeon, where I was diagnosed with the plague, argh!

Inspired by our hysterically fun and spooky journey in the dungeons, I created this infected plague look using truly simple products (cotton wool, liquid latex, eye-shadows and face paint) and techniques.

What do you think?  

 The infected plague boils were easily created using cotton wool rolled into balls that I dipped in liquid latex and applied to my face. Using an cotton bud with a little bit of extra latex, I smoothed the edges of the boil so it blends into the skin. 

After the latex has dried fully (about 30 minutes or so, or use the cold setting on your hairdryer to speed to the drying process), I used a mustard yellow eye-shadow to give the skin around the boil an infected puss-filled look. Then a light blend of black & grey to emphasise the boils 3D-mess and create depth and cracks

For that final infected look, I used a pointed brush to gently add fine lines of blue face paint to mimic the veins under the skin. 

I used grey eye-shadow on my lips to give that chapped & ill look, plus dribbles of fake blood around my nostrils and lips!

I didn't use a white foundation for this look: instead I mixed a light foundation with grey facepaint to give that decaying sick look to the skin. 

To create deep dark eye bags, I used both grey and brown eye-shadows around the eye socket and blended well with a fluffy brush. Using a touch of red face paint just under the lower lashes gives this extra tired look. 

I did some very light contouring with grey eye-shadow on my cheek bones, plus a few smudge of fake blood on random areas on my face and neck. Then, a quick mess up of my hair, and voila! The look is complete! 

Even Scarlett was impressed! 

Come back later this week for MORE Spooktober and Halloween Posts! Remember, only 6 sleeps til Halloween! 

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