Sunday, 25 October 2015

How To Get Celebrity Style Hair Without the Celebrity Price Tag

It would be impossible to count the number of times one has glanced at Cheryl Cole, Kim Kardashian oir any other A-list celeb in a magazine or gawped at their radiant, shimmering hair. Taylor Swift has claimed to be a frequent user of Keratase Bain Apres-soleil shampoo retailing at $36 a bottle; while Faith Hill has admitted to spending $40 on Moroccan Oil Treatment. So, how can the hair conscious consumer with only a couple of pounds to spend match that?

Thankfully, this is where My 7th Heaven's hair masks really come into their element and show celebrities how to spend their hair budgets more wisely.

Two of My 7th Heaven's most popular hair care products are their sumptuous Coconut Protein Hair Masque and their glossy goddess Manuka Honey Hair Masque. With both masks made by vegetarian animal lovers and retailing at only £1 per sachet, it's kind of hard not to want to pick on up from your local cosmetics store and give it a try.

Now, a little bit more about each of them...

Coconut Protein Hair Masque
With the texture of a creamy coconut dew, the masque is enriched with nourishing protein dense Quinoa (pronounced 'Keenwa') grains. These two ingredients have been gently blended together making it a refreshing tropical substance. The quenching coconut oils feed thirsty hair while strengthening and volumising from the roots for uber hair happiness.

Manuka Honey Hair Masque
Made with golden Manuka Honey (nature's pure miracle nectar) and nourishing Abyssinian Oil which is rich in Omega 3, this masque delivers intuition to the roots of damaged hair leaving follicles rich, and velvety. The masque can be further described as a sensually deep therapy masque that encapsulates your strands of hair to intensely nourish and revive them. This radicalising your hair making it radiant from root to tip.

I'll be giving these products a try soon, so come back to the blog soon to read more!

For now, you can get more information on My 7th Heaven at their website!


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