Saturday, 3 October 2015

Spooktober 2015 Day 3: How I easily created a gory SFX Wound for Halloween

Happy Saturday friends,

It's Day Three of Spooktober,and today, I'm showing you how I easily created an SFX wound for Halloween using makeup, face paint and liquid latex!

I promise that achieving this look is easy! Here is a list of what I used:

* Liquid Latex (cheaply bought via Amazon UK)
* Toilet roll
* Foundation that roughly matches your skin tone
* Transulcent powder (mines from Claire's Accessories)
* Blunt ended baby nail scissors
* Face paints (red, black, purple)
* Cheap eyeshadows (not sparkly!) in bruise colours (yellow, green, etc) and matte black or dark grey
* Fake blood
* Red wool
* Disposable sponge (for the latex)
* Paint brush (for the face paints)
* Fluffy eyeshadow brush (for the eyeshadows)
* I also like keeping an old rag and baby/face wipes on hand to clean up after each stage!

And here is how I created this yucky gory wound, with times matching the accompanying YouTube video

13 seconds
Squeeze some liquid latex into a disposable pot

20 seconds
Prepare your toilet roll: make it one-ply thin, then cut/tear into strips to roughly match the shape of the desired wound

37 seconds
Using a disposable sponge, thinly apply the latex onto the area, then carefully lay a piece of toilet paper on top, and pat it down gently

59 seconds
Wait for this layer to dry, before moving on to the next layer (feel free to use a hairdryer on the cool setting to speed the process)
Apply approx 5-7 layers, ensuring you let each layer dry before applying the next

1 minute 14 seconds
Once it's dry, lightly dust with the translucent powder, then apply your foundation so it roughly matches your skin tone

1 minute 34 seconds
VERY CAREFULLY you want to use the blunt-ended scissors to create the cut. Keep cutting, and ripping, and opening the wound til you're happy with how it looks

2 minutes 4 seconds
Paint the inside of the wound with red face paint, plus a little black round the edges to create depth. The red can also be applied on the inside of the skin flaps, and the outside of the wound. 
Remember, the skin around the wound will be red from irritation, and bruised & bloody. 
Use the eyeshadows to create bruising. Simply keep blending the colours: it doesn't have to be neat nor perfect! 

3 minutes 12 seconds
Get bloody with the fake blood! 

3 minutes 56 seconds
Use thin strands of red wool to create veins and muscle-like textures for inside the wound. Secure this onto the skin, with liquid latex (it will dry clear)

4 minutes 18 seconds
Add more fake blood to perfect the look, and voila! 

TIP: Never put liquid latex on hairs (like eyebrows)....they will be ripped out when removing the prosthetic! 

Of course you can apply this technique on most parts of the body, including the face (see yesterday's Spooktober post!)

Give it a try, and let me know how you get on! Post a photo on my Facebook, or tag me on Instagtram or Twitter


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