Friday, 2 October 2015

Spooktober 2015 Day 2: Zombie Apocalypse Survivor

It's Spooktober Day Two, and today, you can check out my Zombie Apocalypse Survivor casual cosplay! 

It was really simple to do this look: this is what I did!

* Using sandpaper and scissors, I distressed an old pair of dark jeans, and a blue button-up shirt
* I found my lace-up flat boots and basic black vest
* Hubby had the camouflage jacket at the back of his wardrobe

And for my face?

* I created a bruise on my forehead using a casual blend grey, yellow, green, and purple eyeshadows with a fluffy shadow brush. Just blend, blend, blend.
* The scar over my mouth was created using lip liner and rigid collodion. First, I sketched out the scar with a dusky pink coloured lip liner, then used about 6 light coats of the collodion on top (ensuring each layer was dry before brushing on the next!). As the collodion dries, it gives this amazing puckered look on the skin.
* The fresh wound was simple too (yes, really!). I layered liquid latex and single ply sheets of toilet roll onto my cheek, and once the fourth layer was dry, I coated the entire prosthetic with my usual foundation. Then, I used tweezers to *carefully* pierce a hole in the middle, then scissors to cut the 'skin' into the wound shape. Inside the wound, I used a mixture of black and red face paint with a fine paintbrush. Then bruised the skin with grey and yellow eyeshadows. Finally, I drizzed fake blood into the wound, plus a few smears of it around my cheek and neck.

I learned all the above techniques just by watching various YouTube videos, so head over there to learn more! I love watching ElliMacs SFX Makeup, MadeYewLook, PinkStylist and Glam & Gore to name a few.

Stay tuned for Day Three of Spooktober! 

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