Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Weekend Box REVIEW Part 1

Happy Wednesday friends!

Tristan and Scarlett were kindly asked to review the latest Weekend Box! Did you see our last review back in May 2014? Click HERE to read it.

We received the Weekend box dedicated to Chinese New Year celebrations, so all the activities were related to the Chinese traditions, including Chinese Lanterns, Chinese Dragons and Fortune Cookies.

The packaging is great, as it's perfectly sized to fit straight through your letterbox with our usual mail, and it's also bright and colourful so both Tristan and Scarlett were excited to see it when we got home from the school run.

Instead of usual photos of us exploring the Weekend Box, I decided to film the process! Check it out on our YouTube channel, Viccy Vlogs.

I love how easy is to get right into the four activities, as they all come in colour co-ordinated bags and instruction sheets, and (almost) everything is included! I only needed to grab a hole punch and scissors, locate a toilet roll, and prepare the powder paint in dishes with water. 

The three activities we completed (see video above) were mostly easy to do as a parent & child team, and both Tristan and Scarlett loved the "All Done?" stickers as it was a simple conclusion to each activity. 

Come back in a few days to see Part 2 of this review, where we make the final activity: Fortune Cookies! 

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