Monday, 22 December 2014

The Secret Adventures of Rolo: Athelstan and the Time Tunnel BOOK REVIEW

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There is only 3 sleeps to go until Christmas Day! Are we all getting excited?

Over the past month, I've been reading a new book to Tristan and Scarlett at bed-time which they have been loving! It's called "The Secret Adventures of Rolo: Athelstan and the Time Tunnel", and it stars a real-life doggy called Rolo!

This is a truly magical book aimed at children between 7 and 11 years old (hence why I read it my two children), and it's written by Debi Evans.

Rolo, a rescued Jack Russell dog, is the star of this book, and we follow his night-time adventures with Athelstan, the Gate Keeper of the Forest, through a time tunnel which transports him to various key historical events around the world!

It's sneakily educational (which is a great idea!), and the author, Debi, is keen that this inspires young readers to learn even more about the world around them.

In the book, Rolo writes his own blog in secret which thoroughly amused Tristan and Scarlett! The thought of a cute little doggy on a computer typing away like me when I blog tickled them.

Tristan and Scarlett adored listening to this book, and Tristan was especially keen to find out where Rolo the dog would end up next. Even I enjoyed reading the book, and I found myself learning more about the Wadworth Shire Horses which featured in one of the book's chapters.

Find out more via their website, Facebook, and Twitter! And you can purchase the book here.

Thank you Debi for allowing us to review your delightful book!

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