Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Halloween Sticker Activities Book REVIEW

Hello everyone, it's 1st October which means Halloween is THIS MONTH! Yippee!

Tristan and Scarlett were kindly given the Halloween Sticker Activities book from Little Tiger Press to enjoy in the run up to Halloween. Like most young children, my two love playing with stickers and doodling in activity books, so this book was very much enjoyed.

It's aimed at young children aged between 3 and 6, so perfect for both Tristan and Scarlett to enjoy together. And retails at £4.99.

Although it's Halloween themed, all the illustrations and photos in the book are all cute and vibrant, with all the characters looking smiley and friendly!

With a little help from Daddy Howe, Tristan was able to read the words so it's a great way to develop his reading skills, and Scarlett loved gently peeling off the stickers and placing them in the correct places on the pages.

I recommend having colouring pencils on hand as the activities include colouring-in characters. dot-to-dot style line drawing and spot the difference.

This is a lovely activity book, which I will get out again nearer the end of the month so the whole family can get in the Halloween spirit!

I'm really looking forward to Halloween - are you?

Ciao xxx

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  1. This looks like so much fun my boyfriends little boy looooves sticker books we are always playing with them!

    1. Thank you Kitty Kaos - Both mine love stickers.....(they also like putting them on the wooden floor, argh! heehee) x

  2. That book looks great! I'll have to get one or something similar for my daughter!

    Abbigayle Warner

  3. I absolutely love Halloween & this book looks super cute!

    Glad your little ones are enjoying their book :)

    Thanks for sharing! x