Saturday, 27 September 2014

We visited Paultons Park and Peppa Pig World!

Howdy everybody!

Earlier this month, when Tristan returned to school, we were told there was an in-set day at the end of September. So, I decided to take advantage and book a family trip to Paultons Park where the family theme park will have few crowds due to being off-season and a weekday! As Scarlett is under 1 meter tall, she was free (huzzah), so I was able to take advantage of the "Family of 3" ticket.

I grew up in a town quite close to Paultons Park so I visited a few times as a child (does anyone else remember their catchphrase "Have a hoot hoot at Paultons Park" and their owl mascot?), and I couldn't wait to show Tristan and Scarlett all of the Paultons Park magic, and, of course, their newest attraction, Peppa Pig World!

Here are some photos from our fantastic day (with a YouTube video here)

Here we are on our first ride of the day: the Victorian Double Decker Carousel! 

We made it to Peppa Pig World! 

Waiting in line for Miss Rabbit's Helicopter Ride 

The view of Peppa Pig World from Miss Rabbit's Helicopter Ride 

We visited Peppa Pig and her family in her home! 

 A view of Peppa Pig World

We felt a few raindrops, so on went the ponchos  

Here is Scarlett posing in front of the Peppa Pig and George Pig water fountain

 We explored Jungle Falls...

...while holding hands

Tristan and Scarlett enjoyed the Seal Falls ride... 

...and the Digger ride

We all loved our time at Paultons Park, and the rain held off! It was lovely and quiet throughout the park, and we only had to queue for mere minutes for the rides (and we were able to jump straight on at some of them too!). 

I was especially pleased with Scarlett as we decided to be brave and leave her stroller at home. She managed to walk all day (with frequent stops of course) and never complained once! I think she loved the independence! 

And, as both Tristan & Scarlett both behaved themselves so beautifully throughout the day, we ended the day with a yummy (but naughty) Burger King dinner at a motorway stop on the way home. 

Click HERE for the video on my YouTube channel Viccy Vlogs or watch it below

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  1. Lovely pictures. It looks like you had a great time. We're going to get booked up soon. My toddler will love it

    Cat x