Friday, 11 July 2014

Thursday Fun! A new Viccy Vlogs video

Good morning all,

Yes it's Friday, so apologies for the minor lateness with this post. Instead of a traditional blog post, I filmed a blog post yesterday.

Here is Tristan and Scarlett having fun in our garden yesterday. It was also Tutu Thursday, although a very casual version. Scarlett was wearing a blue and white stripy top with a tutu peplum detailing from Tu, with pink casual shorts from F&F. 

Shortly, we will be welcoming baby Evie from Owl Crazy Mummy into our little Tutu Thursday fun! Keep an eye on Jess' blog. And of course, we are always joined by Alisha at her mummy's blog Sarah's World

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It's Tristan's 5th birthday celebrations over this weekend, so I apologise in advance if it's a bit quiet on the blog's Facebook and Twitter for a few days. It's scary to think that five years ago, I was in Germany, hugely pregnant, and about to pop! 

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