Monday, 7 July 2014

Happy 7th Wedding Anniversary

Good evening friends,

Today is a very special day. 7 years ago today, Lee and I were married at a beautiful country hotel in Gloucestershire and we said our vows in front of our friends and family at 2pm precisely. Yep, that makes me an 07/07/07 bride!

I was quite the Bridezilla throughout the two year engagement too - I was way too organised and efficient! Heck, I even wrote a risk management plan. Our Big Day was right in the middle of the 2007 Gloucestershire floods, but we were so lucky to have a delightfully dry day to capture a few fantastic photos.

The day went by quickly with a lot of laughter, giggles and happy tears. Lee and I did the awkward dance shuffle to my favourite song, Elton John's Can You Feel The Love Tonight, but our piece de resistance was a magician to entertain our evening guests. Our friends and family always remember our wedding as the one with the chocolate wedding cake and magician!

I'm really pleased to be sharing a few photo memories from our wonderful day. I think you can guess that my favourite colour is cherry red, and I have a passion for chocolate!

The past seven years seems to have just flown by, but when I think about it, we've done so much! Lee was offered a secondment to Munich with work so we lived there for three years. We celebrated our first wedding anniversary in Pisa, Italy. We enjoyed a dream trip to New York, then Tristan arrived 9 months later (wink wink). We moved back to the UK, and bought our dream house, then had our little girl, Scarlett.

Naturally, we've had our ups and downs, fights and disagreements, but we always have each other for support and unconditional love.

Happy 7th Anniversary Lee! I will love you always xxx


  1. Happy anniversary!! Wedding days are the best! We love being wedding photographers and getting to share such a special day with couples!
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  2. Happy anniversary guys!
    and many, many more to come!