Monday, 26 May 2014

Growing herbs with Tristan & Scarlett

Hubby and I popped into B&Q last week to grab a few DIY items, and when perusing the gardening section I spotted this little herb growing kit!

And at only £3.55, I thought it would be a nice little activity for Tristan and Scarlett to do during the half-term holidays!

Here it is! The Suttons Seeds Growing Kit: Windowsill Herbs

Tristan & Scarlett investigate the box!  


Pouring water on the pods to make them expand 

Here are the pods, sucking up the water 

Here are the seeds that are included in this kit: Sweet basil, chives and parsley 

After ten minutes of soaking, here are the expanded pods ready for the next stage 

Tristan & Scarlett carefully place a few seeds into each pod....

....with a little help from Daddy.

Find out how our little seeds are growing on our Facebook page!


  1. What a fun activity! I'll have to look for something like this (or make it) when my son gets a bit older.

  2. Lovely idea :-) we got a cress growing kit from Stourhead (National Trust place near us) the other day. Evie loved it! And its great using fresh herbs in your cooking x