Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Bristol Zoo's New Campaign

Heavyweight campaign launched by Bristol Zoo Gardens

A new, eye-catching campaign has been launched by Bristol Zoo Gardens.

Starring Jock, a 32-stone silverback gorilla, the campaign includes giant images of the impressive primate on the sides of double-decker buses around Bristol, and a large billboard at Temple Meads train station.

The project celebrates the Zoo’s new £1.6 million gorilla house which is more than twice the size of the original gorilla house.

The new house is a world-leading example of a state-of-the-art gorilla enclosure, boasting impressive features such as a new atrium-style glass entrance,allowing guests a 180 degree view of the gorillas walking above – a world first. 

Wendy Walton, director of commercial operations at Bristol Zoo, explains: “We decided to undertake the renovation to improve the wellbeing of the gorillas and provide additional space for our growing family, as well as greatly enhancing visitor viewing of these magnificent animals.” 

She added: “We are very proud of our newest exhibit and so it was an obvious choice to make it the focus of our summer campaign this year. We are confident that the public will love coming to visit our family of gorillas in their new home.” The Zoo’s marketing campaign also includes gorilla-themed adverts and competitions on local radio stations, an online video featuring the family of gorillas, and a new gorilla trail for visitors to the Zoo. 

Built using sheets of toughened glass, the glass atrium inside the new gorilla house offers enhanced viewing of the family of seven gorillas from a unique, overhead perspective.
The glass has a lower iron content than normal glass to maximise the amount of light coming through and to reduce reflections. The Zoo’s youngest gorilla, two-year-old Kukena, can be seen using the glass to slide on and perform roly polys. The house also includes new climbing facilities, ropes and play equipment and an indoor shallow pool as well as additional ‘dens’ for the gorillas and weighing scales built into the floor. A new food preparation area and additional space for staff allows for much greater flexibility for keepers and the Zoo’s veterinary team in their day-to-day management and care of the group.
The construction of the house was a feat in itself – the glass used is over 5cm thick and able to withstand the force of a small car travelling at 30mph - this is the same as the whole family of gorillas charging at it. 
Bristol Zoo’s gorilla house has been home to western lowland gorillas for 16 years, and previously housed elephants and giraffes. The gorillas at Bristol Zoo are part of an international conservation breeding programme.
For more information about Bristol Zoo Gardens visit the website at www.bristolzoo.org.uk or phone 0117 974 7300.

This is a Press Release received from the zoo's PR company

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