Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Valentine's Day Breakfast (Fail!)

Hi everyone,

Watch as I attempt to make a Valentine's Day breakfast of egg-in-the-middle bread as a blog tutorial for you all! Enjoy the fail, heehee.

Attempt One

Attempt 2

This time, instead of a whole egg, I beat one egg in the bowl, then added about 1/2 to the bread middle....

Oh, screw it! Eggy bread made from the heart inserts instead!
This is made by dipping the heart shaped bread cutouts into beaten egg, then gently fried. Delicious & easy!


  1. oh that would be a lovely idea if it worked, try seperating the egg yolk and adding a little white and the yolk to the middle, that might work!

  2. i'm deff giving this one a try!! looks yummy xx