Tuesday, 25 February 2014

DIY Minnie Mouse Inspired Party Bunting

It's almost Scarlett's 2nd birthday! Argh, where does the time go? To celebrate, we are having a little Minnie Mouse themed tea party with all her little friends. To help keep costs down, I'm doing a little DIY! 

This blog post: Minnie Mouse inspired bunting! 

I used the following items: 
Black card 
Red ribbon
Hot glue gun
Little pre-made bows
2 glasses: one small, one large
Hole punch

Using the chalk, I drew around the two glasses 
You need two small circles and one big circle, to create one Minnie Mouse head

I cut out the circles, and carefully glued the three pieces together with hot glue
One red bow was then hot glued between the ears

Here is one completed Minnie Mouse head

Using a hole punch, I cut one hole at the top of each ear
You then gently thread the ribbon through the ear holes to create a length of bunting

 And voila! Here is the finished Minnie Mouse inspired bunting

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