Thursday, 16 January 2014

Tutu Thursday!

My fabulous friend & fellow blogger Sarah and I have created a new weekly blog post series: Tutu Thursday!

Every Thursday, we shall dress our beautiful daughters in tutus and post the photos on our respective blogs!

We would love everyone to join in, so please feel free to share your photos to our Facebook pages! We would love to see them!

Sarah's Tutu Thursday blog post is HERE, starring the adorable Alisha!

And here is the stunning Scarlett in her ensemble! A cute long sleeved tee with a light pink bunny (from Matalan), teamed with a gorgeous thrifted pink tutu from H&M. She was wearing white tights from F&F but dribbled chocolate saliva down we went for a cute barefoot look briefly for the photos!

Here is my Facebook page for this blog: Jelly Rose Yate Facebook page
And here is Sarah's for her blog: My Wonderful Madhouse Facebook page
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Ciao xxx

PS - Keep an eye out for the boy's alternative....Superhero Sunday, featuring Owl Crazy Mummy!


  1. Everyone in a tutu? With my legs I dont think so, Pops.

    1. Haha! What a horrible thought Dad! :-P

  2. Scarlett looks gorgeous i love that pink Tutu!! :)