Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Scarlett's First Haircut!

Today, Scarlett had her very first haircut! Scarlett was an excellent client - no tears or tantrums, just a healthy curiosity to Siobhan and her comb & scissors! Thank you Siobhan for being so patient & brilliantly fantastic with Little Miss Scarlett! 

Scarlett gets excited before her first haircut

Scarlett wearing the child's cape........but she decided she didn't want to wear it! 

Enjoying the haircut whilst "driving" in the little red car 

Snip snip!  

All finished!

We use Kesim Tarzi Barbers and Hairdressers for all our family's hair needs. Scarlett and I have Siobhan, and Lee and Tristan use Akif. Highly recommended if you are local to North Bristol or South Gloucestershire. And of course, they are truly child-friendly with their red car for the young children!

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