Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Risotto Dinner

Last night I made a yummy warming pot of chicken & salami risotto!

It's so easy! Risotto (or Arborio) rice, boiled in vegetable stock, and continuosly stirred for 30 minutes until 80% cooked. I then added chunks of salami and Sunday's left-over roasted chicken. Then at 95% cooked, a big handful of finely grated cheddar goes in. Just keep stirring til fully cooked, and serve in bowls with grated parmasan on top, and eat immediately with a side dish of garlic bread.

Yummy & warming on these chilly Autumn/Fall days. The only "hard" part is the constant 30 minute stirring, but it's worth it! xxx


  1. wow this looks SO good!! This is definitely going on my shopping list for next week, thanks for the idea xx

  2. Really good idea for a healthy but simple meal. Will try this. Thanks for sharing!