Thursday, 12 September 2013

Workout Sessions & Weight-loss Journey

With my SlimFast diet going well, I'm now upping my exercise!

On Tuesday night, I joined friend & blogger Jess to a Burlesque aerobics class. It was such a giggle & so much fun. It was a mix of a warm-up, learning a little choreography to the song Candy Man, toning up exercises, and ending with a cool-down. It was a friendly group, and we were all giggling throughout.

And on Wednesday evening, we went to a dance class run by the same instructor, and that too was fantastic. Another very friendly & supportive group of ladies! We learnt some basic dance moves: jazz, ballet, modern etc, followed by a little choreography to a song (that I didn't recognise, sorry), then a cool-down.

Jess and I were so happy (but exhausted) from the two classes, we're going back next week!

The classes we attended are run by Erin of REDDS based in Yate, Bristol.

Day 16 - Still 13 stone 9lbs.....hopefully it'll go down a bit quicker now I'm doing an exercise programme

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