Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Sun Putty Sunscreen Product Review

I was thrilled to be asked to test a new facial sunscreen product all the way from the USA - Sun Putty. It's 100% natural which I love, as I do worry about the number of harsh chemicals/ingredients I apply to my skin & body every day through skin-care, hygiene and make-up. Sun Putty also has great sun protection with SPF 30 which is a necessity with my very fair skin.
Sun Putty is very different from your usual sunscreen products: It's light grey in colour and it feels like a moist sticky putty, but it glides on your skin smoothly, blends into the skin easily, and goes clear. It also has a delightful sweet orange scent.
For my morning skincare routine, I applied Sun Putty after my moisturiser but before primer & make-up. It doesn't feel heavy nor greasy which is great for my oily & spot-prone skin. Additionally the ingredients make it a natural insect repellant, and it's water resistant.
This is an easy & effective daily facial sunscreen, and is a great addition to my skincare routine, especially as my favourite moisturiser & foundation does not contain any SPF protection.
The best thing about Sun Putty is that it does last all day - and it truly was put to the test with the current UK heat-wave and being active with Tristan & Scarlett.
As well as being a great facial sunscreen, Sun Putty is also moisturising and helps soothe irrated skin (including acne) & chapped lips.
Sun Putty is not yet available in UK stores, but can be ordered via their US website.
From their website
Sun Putty provides long lasting protection for your skin against sun, wind, water, pollution, and harsh temperatures of outdoor activities. Sun Putty's unique formulation promotes enhanced penetration of skin-nurturing ingredients into your skin compared to water, alcohol or petroleum-based products.
Our ingredients help prevent, reduce or aid dry, irritated skin, fine lines, chapped lips, minor skin scrapes, abrasions, and blemishes. Sun Putty is an excellent source of hydration/moisture for skin around the eyes and helps maintain a healthy complexion, even under the most rugged conditions.
* I was not paid for this article. I was asked for my genuine personal opinion on their product to be published on my blog. As a thank you, I was allowed to keep the product *
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