Friday, 2 August 2013

Competition Wins

I've had three Competition wins within a month or so, yippee!
1) Customised shoes courtesy of Super Sarah's World blog  (she also has a family blog to check out). A LookBook-type photo session of these gorgeous Hello Kitty Creeper-style shoes to be uploaded asap!
2) Cusson's & Me Bump Cooling Spray (competition win from their Twitter account). Now....I just need a bump, lol.
3) Photo-shoot with local photographer, Steve Bates. Great timing as we need more photos of Tristan & Scarlett together!
I <3 Competitions! Do you enter competitions? What's the biggest, or best, or oddest prize you've won? Comment below xxx


  1. biggest was my family merlin annual pass in 2011 this year was my £300 short break voucher which sadly 3 ish months in ive still not received :(

  2. omgosh sorry totally not my biggest win!! i forgot the smile competition i won and currently slowly undergoing costing well lets just say ill be getting 2 implants worth at least 1k each!! never mind the bridge-braces ect :D